Results-Driven Service

To provide lasting solutions suited for each stage of your life, as the owner of Categorically Caroline, I use my background as a former teacher to apply Learning Theory to solve your organizational needs. In an organic way, the process works along the knowledge-based domain of Bloom’s Taxonomy.


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Categorically Caroline Proudly Provides Services In The Following Areas


Well Organized Closet

Closets, attics, entryways, kitchens, home offices, bedrooms, garages, laundry rooms, basements, living rooms, home offices, dens, bathrooms, outdoor living areas (porches, lanais, etc.), playrooms, garages, personal item inventories, and more.

Records management strategies and crisis/natural disaster response preparations available.


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Office supplies and physical work spaces, wellness & break areas, physical and digital paperwork storage & filing systems to include records management and document & file organization, industrial inventories, document & workflow management, naming conventions, and more.

Life Transitions


Relocation Services

  • Pre-move decluttering & packing

  • Post-move/new home/relocation set up

  • Vacation/secondary home seasonal establishment, reopening, and closures

Storage Unit Set Up or Consolidation & Liquidation

Preparation for Estate & Yard Sales

Senior retirement, estate planning support, & RV downsizing

Academic Settings

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Binders & digital storage systems, homeschool classrooms, homework process improvements, desk & study areas, morning-of & afternoon drop zones, time management coaching, and more.

Lifestyle Maintenance


Periodic fine tuning of organizational systems already put in place, decluttering support between seasonal clothing transitions, paperwork management for financial quarters, and more.

Process Overview

Pricing Overview

1. Complimentary, 30-minute initial consult (phone or video)

2. In-Person or Virtual Site Visit (Up to 1 hour) 


3. Hands-On Organizing Sessions (4-hour minimum)


4. Wrap Up/Item Disposal/Continuity of Systems Set Up

  • Hourly rates & package rates available

  • Sessions include all aspects of hands-on organizing, including one haul away trip to a local charity of your choice           

  • 4-hour minimum required per day

"The interior is a natural projection of the soul." - Coco Chanel