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My name is Caroline Dockery, and I live in Northern Virginia, a bustling suburb of Washington, D.C. I come from a family of entrepreneurs in various industries, and I am so proud to carry on my family’s small business legacy through the work of Categorically Caroline.

My passion for organization stems from a calling to serve others and a fascination with the symbolism of places and spaces. Having lived in and visited countries all over the world, I saw people inhabiting spaces of all kinds—some out of choice and some out of circumstance, and I became curious about the relationship between our physical surroundings and the way we experience life. Add to that fascination my love of architecture, design, history, and psychology, and Professional Organizing is a field made for me.

My mission is to help clients clarify their thinking, their spaces, and their belongings in order to preserve and honor important memories, streamline and refocus present habits, and intentionally create physical and mental space for the future. I want to help people clear out not only physical clutter, but mental clutter as well. As renown author Sarah Ban Breathnach writes, “How can better come into our lives if there’s no room for it?”

To do that, my organizing style is one that involves you, the client, in the process of understanding your relationship with your possessions, space, others, and self.


We will work within the realities of your life to create organized systems that are safer, easier to maintain, operate more efficiently, and mean more to you personally.  

I look forward to helping you write the next chapter of your life’s story.

- Caroline

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