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Consider This

People thrive when they feel hopeful and in control of their circumstances.

One way to achieve that feeling is to create spaces that best serve your present-day needs and inspire you to dream about and work toward future goals.

Categorically Caroline Works With...

Seniors: Downsizing & Aging in Place

  • Experiencing life changes brought on by retirement or medical conditions?

  • Have your children grown up and moved out and you want to repurpose their space?

  • In need of organizational support as part of estate planning?

  • Purchasing leisure residences (secondary homes & RVs)?

  • Want to ease future complications for your adult children?

  • Trouble managing the digital payment and communication demands of today?

Families of All Sizes

Kekut Subianto Pexels.jpg
  • Do you feel like things in the external world are beyond your control and you want to calm the chaos at home?

  • Adding members to your family (new baby, in-laws, exchange students) and need to repurpose things and spaces?

  • Planning a surgery or recovering from one and need your space to better suit your short-term needs?

  • Want to create zones within your home to increase efficiency and enjoyment of spaces?

  • Do your belongings fit your present lifestyle, or are they from different chapters of your life?

  • Blending two households into one and don't know where to start?

  • Have your children graduated from high school and left home, leaving an unoccupied room in your house that you want to repurpose?

Professionals Working Outside The Home

Woman in an Office
  • Busy working and don’t have the time or energy to organize your whole house by yourself?

  • Want to create a tranquil place to come home to, away from the stress of the job?

Small Office & Home-Based Business Owners  

Working from Home
  • Have an office area, but want to make it more functional?

  • Don’t have a designated office area and want to create one?

  • Tired of losing or repeatedly searching for papers and want a more efficient (or digital) filing system?

  • Is there an imbalance between the time you spend doing what you love versus the time spent organizing your business-related materials?

  • Want to clean up your computer files and/or email but feel like you’ve missed the chance?

Differently-abled Persons

  • Does your home’s current layout create anxiety or limit your Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)?

  • Need help making your things more accessible?

  • Need to reduce the choices you have to make on a daily basis?

  • Need someone who is patient and understanding of varied ways of learning?


  • Need a dedicated study zone at home?

  • Is your backpack a black hole?

  • Do you not turn in homework because you can’t find it or forget that you did it?

  • Do you struggle with time management?

  • Do you wish you could talk to a former teacher who still knows what it’s like to be in school today?

  • Often losing sports gear or school supplies?

  • Overwhelmed by the digital world of learning?

Secondary Homeowners

RV Campsite
  • Don’t want to arrive at your vacation home and start your season at the grocery store?

  • Want your vacation home fully stocked and tidied, with all the utilities turned on and taken care of when you walk in the door?

  • Don’t want to chase your mail through the USPS system and hassle with a change-of-address?

  • Need someone to watch one of your residences while you’re at the other?

  • Want to return to your primary residence and have it ready and waiting for you?

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