Kitchen Challenges

Client M loves to cook, but that endeavor was not as enjoyable because half the time was spent looking for specific seasoning. Added to that, it was difficult to notice when ingredients were running low or coming close to expiration, and the client had to pull items out of the cupboard entirely to reach items in the back.


Kitchen Solutions

Now divided into shelves labeled separately for baking and cooking purposes, these spice cabinets are easier to navigate since items in the back are now on risers, product labels are easy to read, and everything is within one reach. Rarely-used or expired items were tossed, leaving less volume for the eye and brain to scan when picking just the right ingredient. 


Utility Closet Challenges

Items in a utility closet are supposed to be just that: utilized! Before, this utility closet had no designated zones for storage, so items of the same category (like battery packs for instance) were shoved anywhere, making the search for AA vs AAA a hassle. Items on the floor added to a cluttered feeling. Plus, this client was often replacing items that were thought to be lost, but then later found. Who wants to make multiple trips to the store to return things after you bought them twice?



Utility Closet Solutions

After recycling unused items, placing duplicates of others in more appropriate locations, and creating labeled zones on the shelves, this closet is now functional today and leaves room for growth tomorrow. Plus, the client can actually walk into the closet safely without tripping over items that were previously on the floor, and she can see what she has and doesn't, which means that she can make better informed decisions.


Storage Room & Pre-Move Challenges

Client S was getting ready to move in a few weeks, and she wanted to declutter before moving. Instead of adding more burden onto an already stressful life event, she wanted to downsize well in advance of the truck arriving on her doorstep. Client S was emotionally attached to many of these items and wanted an objective person to hold her accountable in order to help her reach her goals. There's no point in paying to move things that no longer fit who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow.


Storage Room & Pre-Move Solutions

We worked together to sort items according to their sentimental importance and practical future use given the layout of the client's new home. By utilizing a coach-based approach, we prioritized what mattered and decreased the volume of contents in this multi-purpose room. Now items are ready for packing and transport, and this client will be bringing only the things she cherishes and plans to use in her new home. 


Closet Challenges

Client E is a busy parent who also works long hours outside the home. Putting things away in a tidy manner in this closet was just not a priority before making dinner, overseeing homework, and putting the kids to bed. The closet itself is limited on space, and that, coupled with the sheer volume of clothing, meant that the client had forgotten about certain items shoved to the sides or piled on the upper shelf, and instead wore the same, easy-to-reach, uninspiring items often. 


Closet Solutions

In the exploratory phase of this project, we discussed the Client's habits, including her morning rituals when picking out clothes, evening routines after work, and what clothing items she wears frequently vs. infrequently. The Client was asked to describe how the wanted the closet to function and appear. We better utilized the upper shelf by using labeled bins for small, loose items, and we decreased the volume of clothing and shoes significantly. Now clothes don't fall off the shelf when the closet door is opened, the client knows what she has, is not overwhelmed first thing in the morning, and with a renewed sense of capability and determination, the "I'll-deal-with-this-later" approach is no more. 


Garage Challenges


With various life events elsewhere vying for the family’s attention, this garage had become neglected after 15 years. The family’s two vehicles could fit, but the doors of the vehicles could barely open, and one of the family members, who is a permanently disabled senior, had resorted to entering the vehicle from outside in the driveway, necessitating further walking.

Garage Solutions

This project was all about creating a safe place, free of physical obstacles that could be potential hazards to the homeowners. Unneeded contents were decluttered and the remaining items were stored in specifically-created zones that were strategically placed based on frequency of use and physical accessibility. Now the homeowners can quickly find desired items, confidently enter the vehicles without having to go outside, and feel inspired to re-engage with the hobbies that bring them joy.


"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." - Annie Dillard